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Next Fuel Inc

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Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas Extraction
Oil and Gas Extraction
About Company
  • Company Name: Next Fuel, Inc.
  • About Company: Our mission is to develop and implement innovative and sustainable technologies that produce clean fuel of natural gas from coal and other pollution-heavy resources such as coal. Next Fuel’s success is built on technology leadership, client services, and consistent value addition to the conventional energy industry. Our world-class science and technology team focuses on providing customers and partners the premier biogenic coal-to-gas (BCTG or CTG) technology as well as other associated intellectual properties. We are committed to the development of green solutions to provide clean energy and minimize carbon footprints, and our success is rooted in partnerships with the energy industry, resource owners, and governmental agencies to achieve the financial and social-environmental benefits.
  • Company Background: Since 2001, key members of the Next Fuel team started exploratory research on how to enhance biogenic natural gas production from coal. Multiple methods were tested in field trials. In 2008, the Next Fuel team was formed to develop and commercialize a cutting edge technology that biologically generates natural gas from depleted coal seams. The CTG technology hybridizes biotechnology with energy production. By optimizing key conditions in the coal seam, the CTG process rapidly converts fractions of coal into natural gas. The first successful field test of CTG was conducted in 2007. Substantial amounts of biogenic natural gas were generated from a completely depleted coal bed within 21 days. Following further laboratory and field testing and optimization, CTG was commercial ready. In 2011, Next Fuel Inc. was formalized and CTG became its flagship technology. This new gas producing technology revolutionizes energy extraction from low-grade coal and other carbonaceous resources, transforming the conventional pollution-heavy coal into the clean energy of natural gas.