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  • 530 North Federal HighwayAddress:
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  • Fort LauderdaleCity:
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About Company
  • About Company: Destination Television Inc.(DSTV) operates as a media production, promotion, and advertising company focusing primarily on the out-of-home digital signage industry in the United States. The company provides remote, custom-edited content and advertising delivery platforms to high traffic out-of-home locations, as well as delivers national, regional, and local advertising. Destination Television currently broadcasts Bar TV, Gym TV and Hotel TV, which air first-run movie trailers and new music videos that are strategically placed next to quality digital advertising, creating their unique brand of “advertainment”. Destination Television programming is able to reach millions of targeted viewers each month. The company partners with high traffic, premium locations to create full branding and advertising platforms specifically designed for each target audience. Advertiser can choose to run their ads in a single location, a region, or to thousands of national locations. Destination Television is able to run ads at specific times on specific days to reach an advertiser’s target demographic. The company’s technology is even able to remotely update an advertiser’s programming when a marketing campaign change occurs.