Northern Technologies International Corp.

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Northern Technologies International Corp.

  • 4/7/2008Date of Inception:
  • 4201 Woodland Address:
  • PO Box 69Address #2:
  • Circle PinesCity:
  • MNState:
  • 55014Zip / Postal Code:
  • USCountry:
  • 763.225-6600Telephone:
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About Company
  • Company Name: Northern Technologies International Corp.
  • About Company: Northern Technologies International Corporation is in the business of converting unique environmentally beneficial material science into value added products and services for industrial and consumer applications.
  • Company Background: Northern Technologies International Corporation was founded in 1970 in Lino Lakes, Minnesota with its primary business in oil analyzer instruments (then known as Northern Instruments, Inc.). In 1993, Northern Instruments changed its corporate name by merging into a wholly owned subsidiary, Northern Technologies International Corporation. The company has since grown out of the oil analyzer instrument business and into a global provider of corrosion inhibiting products and corrosion control management services with sales and technical support reach in more than 50 countries. Our management system is certified to the ISO 9001:Quality Management Standard.